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Saturday, September 24, 2022

World-Renowned Chiropractor to The Stars Makes Appearance at Wimbledon on Serena Williams Team

Chiropractic care is now more popular than ever as millions of people across the globe search for natural treatments without the side effects of drugs and surgery. Chiropractors have been transforming lives since the first chiropractic adjustment in 1895,  and there’s one Chiropractor in particular stands out with his most recent appearance on Centre Court in Wimbledon as part of “Team Serena,” referencing being team Chiropractor for World Famous Tennis Star Serena Williams.

In the years since Chiropractic care’s development,  there have been numerous chiropractors who have helped shift the direction of healthcare to a more holistic approach.

Dr. Jason Worrall, D.C., or “Dr Jason” as he is known is one of those doctors. In today’s world, he’s the modern version of an ancient healer, helping celebrities, athletes and families strengthen their spine, their health and their connection to self through specific, scientific Chiropractic care.

Dr. Jason is primarily known in the healthcare world for three aspects of his care -his adjusting skill, his unique style of muscle rehabilitation and his bedside manner. Not only that, he has become widely known both through his massive YouTube following (YouTube.com/Dr Jason) of over 1.2M subscribers, showcasing many difficult cases and popular clientele, as well as his many celebrity clients, including connections to actors Eva Longoria, Serena Williams, Jason Statham, as well as NFL Player Juju Smith-Schuster, UFC fighters Chuck Liddell and Tyron Woodley and NBA stars Dwyane Wade and Bismack Biyombo.

As his YouTube presence began to grow, Dr Jason paved the way for YouTube Chiropractors by being the first one to go viral, often times with celebrity clients and YouTube stars such as Jake Paul and Logan Paul both including him in their videos and making appearances in his videos. Although the YouTube game can sometimes be “humorous, with funny titles and thumbnails,” as he mentions, when you watch his content, you’ll see the genuine level of love, trust and caring he provides for his clients and in turn clients coming to see him from all over the world.

Watching further, his adjusting skills shine through his content, often times explaining what he’s doing to his clients and his online audience. After speaking with Dr Jason, he relates that he even created his own online training for Chiropractors, “The Chiropractic University,” to help them grow. “Many Chiropractors today have the sincere desire to help others, yet they also need to sharpen their skills. I created both The Chiropractic University as an online platform available to Chiros, as well as The Alignment, an in-person seminar to teach Chiros the intricacies of adjusting and patient care at a high level.”

In regard to his unique style of muscular rehabilitation, Dr Jason cites this combined with his adjusting skills for the care he provides with world-renowned athletes. “When you have to perform at the highest level, recover quickly and then do it all over again, you must make sure your joints are moving properly for proper mind body connection, and there’s no room for muscles that are shut off (neurologically inhibited) due to repetitive stress.”

Lastly, Dr Jason believes in simply loving and caring for his practice members, as he calls them, as if they were family. “They trust me with their body. And when it’s a professional athlete, their body is their business. So, they trust me with both their body AND their business. I don’t take that for granted, and I feel blessed and honored to serve.”

Dr Jason is  chiropractic expert who hails from the USA and is the founder of both Active

Health Clinic, a wellness clinic that specializes in corrective Chiropractic care in Los Angeles, as well as Rejuve, a wellness clinic in Delray Beach, Florida that is scheduled to open later this year to serve the South Florida community. In each office he and his team practice his unique style of Chiropractic care, along with Chiropractic Biophysics – the science of spinal correction.

The clinics enable people to live a life that nourishes both their body and mind. A practicing chiropractor since 2005, Dr.Jason is licensed in both California and Florida, and can be found on Instagram.com/Dr Jason or YouTube.com/Dr Jason or at his website, www.DrJason.Rocks

Today Dr Jason is the leading Chiropractor in the World, paving the way for future Chiropractors everywhere. He an empathetic professional who, when meeting a patient, will establish a good rapport, or connection. “I am inspired about teaching every man, woman and child that they deserve good health, which comes from having a healthy, functioning nervous system, as well as proper lifestyle choices, such as rest, healthy eating and movement.”

If you need a great Chiropractor, you now know where to go. If he’s good enough for the Greatest Of All Time, Serena Williams, he’s good enough for me!